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We offer a free collection and delivery service in the local area, in addition to a free-post service. No matter where you're located, we can provide you with the quality prosthetics and orthodontics that you require.
Price lists available with discounts available. Please contact us for further information.

Which brands do we use?
NHS: We generally use Delphic teeth made by Schottlander as these are not only economical but are of a very good quality and available in all the Vita shades, in addition to the traditional shades (01,02,03 etc). Other manufacturers teeth are available by request if you so wish.
Independent: This includes light contouring and we normally use Natura teeth made by Schottlander  or Ivostar teeth made by Ivoclar Vivodent as the quality is generally high in comparison to many of their rivals (such as Cosmopolitan) and with a comparable price tag.
Private: Any range of tooth is available. We usually recommend Enigma Life but Vita, Vivodent and Myerson are good ranges too. With this range all cases are finished in Diamond D High Impact acrylic as standard. This is probably the best high impact acrylic on the market today. 



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Valplast as you know is the market leader and original flexible denture material. Valplast is especially suited to sectional dentures and smaller dentures in general. 

As a guide if the bite is close or heavy an alternative is a better solution such as chrome cobalt. We has masses of experience making Valplast dentures so if unsure give us a call first

Diamond D High Impact Acrylic

Diamond D high impact acrylic is the best high impact material on the market today in our opinion. Unlike its rivals porosity is never an issue it has a great bond strength

Silensor Snore Guards

  Silensor snore guards are the market leader with this type of device. They are well tolerated by most patients and we have had some really superb feedback. Silensor snore guards are generally made using semi rigid blanks but this can be varied for patients with missing teeth 

Ethnic Acrylic

The title says it all please let us know if you need a pigmented acrylic it just doesn't always need to be pink !

Mouthguards/Gum Shields

All thicknesses and colours are available suit the age the patient and the sports requirements. For a colour chart click on this link

Michigan Splints/stabilisation splints

These don't need to be complicated to make it is not always necessary to use a face bow etc .We have vast experience in this field and are always here with support and advice whenever necessary